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  • Episode: Vol. 11-20 (UFC 11- The Proving Ground UFC 12 - Judgement Day UFC 13 - The Ultimate Force UFC 14 - Showdown UFC 15 -Collision Course UFC 16 - Battle In The Bayou UFC 17 - Redemption UFC 18 - The Road to The Heavyweight Title UFC 19 - Young Guns UFC 20 - The Battle For Gold )
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  • UFC 11-20 DVD COLLECTION 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 BOX SET
    UFC 11-20 DVD COLLECTION 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 BOX SET
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    UFC 11-20 DVD COLLECTION 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 BOX SET
  • "UFC 11: The Proving Ground Mark Coleman vs. Julian Sanchez Brian Johnston vs. Reza Nasri Tank Abbott vs. Sam Adkins Jerry Bohlander vs. Fabio Gurgel Mark Coleman vs. Brian Johnston Scott Ferrozzo vs. Tank Abbott"
  • "UFC 12: Judgment Day Yoshiiki Takahashi vs. Wallid Ismail Jerry Bohlander vs. Rainy Martinez Jerry Bohlander vs. Nick Sanzo Scott Ferrozzo vs. Jim Mullen Vitor Belfort vs. Tra Telligman Vitor Belfort vs. Scott Ferrozzo Mark Coleman vs. Dan Severn"
  • "UFC 13: Ultimate Force Guy Mezger vs. Christopher Leninger Enson Inoue vs. Royce Alger Guy Mezger vs. Tito Ortiz Steven Graham vs. Dmitri Stepanov Randy Couture vs. Tony Halme Randy Couture vs. Steven Graham Vitor Belfort vs. Tank Abbott"
  • "UFC 14: Showdown Kevin Jackson vs. Todd Butler Joe Moreira vs. Yuri Vaulin Kevin Jackson vs. Anthony Fryklund Mark Kerr vs. Moti Horenstein Daniel Bobish vs. Brian Johnston Mark Kerr vs. Daniel Bobish Mark Coleman vs. Maurice Smith"
  • "UFC 15: Collision Course Mark Kerr vs. Greg ""Ranger"" Stott Dave Beneteau vs. Carlos Barreto Mark Kerr vs. Dwane Cason Randy Couture vs. Vitor Belfort Maurice Smith vs. David L. Abbott"
  • "UFC 16: Battle in the Bayou Pat Miletich vs. Townsend Saunders Mikey Burnett vs. Eugenio Tadeu Pat Miletich vs. Chris Brennan Tsuyoshi Kosaka vs. Kimo Leopoldo Jerry Bohlander vs. Kevin Jackson Frank Shamrock vs. Igor Zinoviev"
  • "UFC 17: Redemption Chuck Liddell vs. Noe Hernandez Dan Henderson vs. Allan Goes Carlos Newton vs. Bob Gilstrap Dan Henderson vs. Carlos Newton Mike Van Arsdale vs. Joe Pardo David L. Abbott vs. Hugo Duarte Pete Williams vs. Mark Coleman Frank Shamrock vs. Jeremy Horn"
  • "UFC 18: The Road to the Heavyweight Title Mikey Burnett vs. Townsend Saunders Tito Ortiz vs. Jerry Bohlander Evan Tanner vs. Darrel Gholar Bas Rutten vs. Tsuyoshi Kosaka Pedro Rizzo vs. Mark Coleman Pat Miletich vs. Jorge Patino"
  • "UFC 19: Ultimate Young Guns Sione Latu vs. Joey Roberts Pete Williams vs. Jason Godsey Evan Tanner vs. Valeri Ignatov Kevin Randleman vs. Maurice Smith Chuck Liddell vs. Jeremy Horn Gary Goodridge vs. Andre Roberts Tito Ortiz vs. Guy Mezger"
  • "UFC 20: Battle for the Gold Ron Waterman vs. Chris Condo Laverne Clark vs. Fabiano Iha Marcelo Mello vs. David Roberts Wanderlei Silva vs. Tony Petarra Pete Williams vs. Travis Fulton Pedro Rizzo vs. Tra Telligman Bas Rutten vs. Kevin Randleman"

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