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  • Studio Ghibli (6 discs)
    Studio Ghibli (6 discs)
    Item# s012r
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    Product Description

    16 Movies:

    •Disc 1: Laputa, Grave, Whisper •Disc 2: Mononoke, Totoro, Nausicaa •Disc 3: Kiki’s, Porco Rosso •Disc 4: Cat Returns, Howl’s, Earthseas •Disc 5: Spirited Away, Ponyo, Yamadas •Disc 6: Pom Poko, Arrietty

    •Pom Poko •Family oriented production studios rarely get the recognition they deserve but Studio Ghibli definitely should. They have been putting out amazing works like Nausicaa, Laputa and Totoro that have not found their equal a decade after their release. They have literally blown away the animation world with their sensational winds. Included in this team are Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, Yoshifumi Kondo and a few others.

    •(Laputa "Castle In The Sky") Laputa, a floating castle in the sky, was created by a mysterious race of people who long ago disappeared from the planet. A group of ruthless pirates suspect is has treasures and riches beyond imagination. The government wants to find out if it holds the power to rule the world. both are chasing a girl named Sheeta in their quest to this hidden city because only the secret spells pass down to Sheeta by her grandmother can unlock the puzzle.

    •(Grave of Fireflies) In the aftermath of a World War II bombing, two orphaned children struggle to survive in the Japanese countryside. To Seita and his four year old sister the helplessness and indifference of their countrymen is even more painful than the enemy raids. Through desperation, hunger and grief, these children's lives are as heartbreakingly fragile as their spirit and love is inspiring. Grave the Fireflies is a tale of the true tragedy of war and innocence lost, not only of the abandoned young but of an entire nation.

    •(My Neighbor Totoro) To live nearer their mothe, who is recuperating from an illness in a hospital, little Mei and her elder sister Satsuki are moving with their father to a house in the country. Playing in the yard on day, Mei spots a tiny creature and fullows it into the hollow of a huge tree. There she discovers Totoro, a giant furry creature the size of a small house, fast asleep. Totoro and his firend can't be seen by adults, but only by children who love them. Mei and Satsuki fly with Totoro on a warm summer night, plant a giant tree that grows in minutes and sit high in its branches. The girls also call on Totoro for help when they are in trouble.

    •(KiKi's) Delivery Service Kiki, a witch-in-training, is now 13 years old and according to tradition, she must leave home and find a town in which to practice her magic. Putting her special powers of flying to good use, she sets up a Special Delivery Service. However her biggest challenge comes when she has lost the power to fly on her broom. She must do some soul-searching and rediscover her flying "Spirit" to save the life of a firend in a dramatic rescue before the entire town.

    •(Porco-Rosso) In the Adriatic Sea in the days after World War I, many flying aces have become "sky pirates", raiding the sea lanes. Marco "Porco" Rosso, is a bounty hunter whose scarlet biplane is available to oppose the pirates for a fee. Upset by the interruption to their business, the pirates decide to bring the unscrupulous, suave, and handsome American ace Donald Curtis to eliminate Porco Rosso. Curtis meets his stange nemessis and is struct by the beautiful chanteuse, Gina, who loves Marco. The two men begin a breathtaking life-and-death struggle for not only glory and hono, but also the hearts of the charming ladies, Gina and Fio ...

    •(Princess Mononoke) A period when samural warriors raided each other's territories whenever they sensed weakness or advantage. Men and women drien from areas of conflict eked out their living in remote forests fules by ancient gods. Ashitaka, a young warrior from the Emishi clan, is forced to kill a boar-god who has gone mad and threatened his village. Subsequently, he is wounded by the god, and the wound carries a curse of slow death. In his journey to lift the curse, Ashitaka encounters the girl SAN raised by wolves and call Princess Mononoke, Princess of Demons and Spirits, by her human enemies. He also encounters samurai who massacre helpless villages, a wily itinerant Buddhist priest , and proud village of ironsmiths whose leader, the Lady Eboshi, who fight against samurai of forest gods to turn her walled fortress of a town in to a safe and prosperous place to live.

    •(Spirited Away) On the other side of the tunnel there was a strangle town. In a place that doesn't exist, something impossible happened. A 10 year-old girl named chihiro stumbled upon a world humans were forbidden to enter. IN a town of mysteries and oddities, Chihiro comes to know much indifference .. and a little bit of hope. "Can I work here?" The strength to live, long dormant within here began to awaken.

    •(The Cat Returns) The story is of a girl named Haru, a quiet, shy and unassuming high school student who has a suppressed ability to talk with cats. One day, she saves a darkly-colored, odd-eyed cat from being hit by a truck on a busy road. The cat is Lune, Prince of the Cat Kingdom. As thanks, the cats give Haru gifts of catnip and mice, and she is offered the Prince's hand in marriage. Her mixed reply is taken as a yes.

    Wanting none of this, Haru hears a kind, female voice, which tells her to seek the Cat Bureau. Haru meets Muta, a large white cat the voice told her to seek for directions, who leads her there to meet the Baron (the same Baron from Whisper of the Heart), who is a cat figurine given life by the work of his artist, and Toto, a stone raven who comes to life much like the Baron. Soon after meeting them, Haru and Muta are forcefully taken to the Cat Kingdom, leaving Toto and the Baron in the human world to follow the group from the air. The Baron and his crow friend find the entrance to the Cat Kingdom on Earth: Five lakes forming a cat's paw.

    •(My Neighbors the Yamadas) This film is about the daily lives of the Yamada family: Takashi and Matsuko (the father and mother), Shige (Matsuko's mother), Noboru (aged approximately 13, the son), Nonoko (aged approximately 5, the daughter), and Pochi (the family dog). It has a significantly different ""feel"" to it than the other Studio Ghibli films, not only because of its different style of animation, but also because it is not a contiguous plot, but rather a series of vignettes, each preceded by a title such as ""Father as Role Model"", ""A Family Torn Apart"" or ""Patriarchal Supremacy Restored"".

    These vignettes cover such issues as losing a child in a department store, the relationships between father and son, or husband and wife, the wisdom of age, getting one's first girlfriend and many more. Each is presented with humour, presenting a very believable picture of family life which crosses cultural boundaries. The relationships between Matsuko, Takashi and Shige are particularly well observed, with Shige giving advice and proverbs to all the family members, and having a great strength of character which far outweighs Matsuko's. Takashi and Matsuko's relationship is often the focus of the episodes, their rivalries, such as arguing about who has control of the television, their frustrations and their difficulties, but the overriding theme is their love for one-another despite their flaws, and their desire to be the best parents possible for their children.

    •(Howl’s Moving Castle) A young woman named Sophie Hatter is the eldest of three daughters living in the town of Market Chipping in the magical kingdom of Ingary, where many fairy-tale tropes are accepted ways of life. She is very deft with the needle and makes the most beautiful hats and dresses. She unknowingly talks life into objects. As the eldest, she is resigned to the ""fact"" that she will have no chance of finding her fortune, accepting that she will have a dull life running the family hat shop—until she is turned into an old crone by the Witch of the Waste, a powerful witch who was not satisfied by Sophie's hats. Sophie leaves the shop and finds work as a cleaning lady for the notorious Howl, famed in her town for eating the hearts of beautiful young women, trying to make a bargain to be returned to her authentic age.

    •(Nausicaa of the valley of the wind) The story is set in the future 1000 years after the “Seven Days of Fire”, a cataclysm brought on by the excessive industrialisation that mankind had undergone. It utterly destroyed industrial civilisation approximately a millennium after it began to flourish (probably sometime in the 2700s). Although humanity survived, the land surface of the Earth has become heavily polluted and the seas are poisonous. Most of the world is covered by the “Sea of Corruption”, a toxic forest of fungal plants which is steadily encroaching on the remaining open land. It is protected by large insects, including the huge Ohmu. Humanity clings on to survival in the polluted lands beyond the forest, periodically engaging in bouts of internecine fighting for the scarce resources that remain.

    •(Pom Poko) Family oriented production studios rarely get the recognition they deserve but Studio Ghibli definitely should. They have been putting out amazing works like Nausicaa, Laputa and Totoro that have not found their equal a decade after their release. They have literally blown away the animation world with their sensational winds. Included in this team are Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, Yoshifumi Kondo and a few others.


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