Copyright News

Copyright News
All Import Anime are produce by company in Asia who has international copyright license but USA copyright over rule them. What this mean is our supplier can sell through out international including USA but if any of USA Company finds your web store, they will contact you if your selling any of there copyright titles, and as long as you fallow there instruction, nothing will happen. Remember once you remove the titles, make sure you never realist them because the company who ask you to remove there titles, will check up on you month to month bases.

Right Now Funanimation is trying to track down internet store whoís selling there titles and asking all web owner to remove the listing, if they some how contact you please remove the titles they request for and do not tell them whoís your supplier is, so we can still support your business with other titles.

Domestic Company News ADV and Geneon are gone and they made a lot of old anime titles. ADV gave the distribution rights to Right Stuf and they a limited run. If itís sold out, theyíll wait for backorder to accumulate and place another run because production of anything will have to deal with the MOQ (minimum order quantity). The more they order the higher the possible discount so they wait for a while. With the economy the way it is, that is just what most vendors will have to do. Old titles are being released again in completed editions. Single DVDs have slowed and a lot of the hentai producers are small companies waiting for large backorders. So, we have a good stock but have a few missing several titles. Most hentais are single releases. If you want to do it, then you should focus on the new ones. If someone wants an old one, youíll have to verify that your client wants in still in case itís missing a volume because youíll have to get your supplier to try and fulfill the special request.

Books from TokyoPop are almost all broken up by volumes because they company is having a financial issue and gave up some of their known and popular titles. They also lost the bid on new titles from Japan putting them behind strong companies like Del Rey and Viz. Most of Viz and Del Rey titles are almost always available. Itís gone for about 3 weeks at most. If more than that, then itís a smaller title and they have to wait to produce with another title and send together or meet MOQs.

For figures, items go in and out and you have to watch the market for them because itís based on the collectability and popularity. Youíll notice it when you sell on eBay or take preorders. You can post up preorder options for the figures that we have preorders for and take a partial payment. Thereís a low risk theyíll cancel but everyone takes that because thereís a larger margin for the figures when itís sold at retail. We only have a couple of weeks to collect preorders from our clients. So, you may take a chance if you see a lot of people ordering them and another one or two more pieces. However, you should try and get it in before the preorder deadline. Most preorder figures are taken off the site if itís all sold through or oversold. Itís first come, first serve. Get your order in earlier to get it added to whatever is order. If you donít your order will either be cancelled or allocated if it comes after preorder deadline. Youíll need to keep a database with their information ready if you have to cancel their order and refund their deposit. Most people ordering these type of items understand the collectible market and that allocations may happen, but you should put a disclaimer for those situations. If you get into anything item you sell. You need to study into the market or youíll just be a smaller vendor they come to after all else. Itís up to you to build your customer base. If you want to advertise, you should figure what a lot of people like to go to for reviews and articles about the Japanese culture and items from that market as well as others like comics, scifi, and accessories.
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