Detective Conan ~ 3 MOVIE Complete BoxsetZoom

Detective Conan ~ 3 MOVIE Complete Boxset

Detective Conan ~ 3 MOVIE Complete Boxset
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Detective Conan ~ 3 MOVIE Complete Boxset
  • Item Code : AC.337
  • Quantity : 2
  • Dialogue : Japanese
  • Subtitle : Chinese/English/Off
  • Region : All
  • Region, Free Code
  • Disc Type : DVD5x2
  • Screen : 4:3
  • Audio : Ac3 2.0 Channel
  • Series Type : Tv Series
  • System : NTSC
  • Episodes : 3 Movie
  • Running Time : Approximately 338 mins//
  • Synopsis: Detective Conan The Movie: Fight against the darkness!The moment when the claw of the group reach out Black Impact! The instant that the Black Organization reaches Black Impact! Soshiki no te ga todoku shunkan Detective Conan The Movie: Fight With Black Organization Alternative title: Head-on Fight with the Black Organization: Double Mystery on the Night of the Full Moon Kuro no Soshiki to makkou shoubu - Mangetsu no yoru no 2gen Nazo Genres: Mystery Running time: 116 minutes

  • Detective Conan: The Private Eyes' Requiem (movie 10) Alternative title: Meitantei Conan: Tantei-tachi no Chinkonka - Requiem - (Japanese) Genres: Mystery Director: Taiichiro Yamamoto Original Manga: Gosho Aoyama Plot Summary: Some unknown man who knows Conan is in fact Kudo Shinichi lures Conan and the others (Mori, Ran, Tanteidan...) to Yokohama. This man takes Ran and the Tanteidan as hostages. He gives Conan a 12 hour time limit in which to solve a case. If it is not solved within that time, bombs attached to the hostages will explode.... To thwart this villain Conan has help from Heiji, Kaitou Kid, Hakuba. Running time: 111 minutes Vintage: 2006-04-15 Premiere date: 2006-04-15 (Japan) Ending Theme: "Yuruginai mono hitotsu" by B'z

  • Detective Conan 10Years Anniversity Drama Special To celebrate the 10th anniversary, a live-action Meitantei Conan special was also produced in 2006. It was called: A Challenge Letter to Kudo Shinichi ~Prologue until their Goodbye~ Starring Oguri Shun as Shinichi, Kurokawa Tomoka as Ran and Jinnai Takanori as Kogoro, the special acts as a prequel of the actual storyline, narrating a kidnapping case Shinichi is challenged to solve. Its ending sequence overlaps with the beginning of the manga/anime series.
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