Hellsing Ultimate Part 2 (1 disc)Zoom

Hellsing Ultimate Part 2 (1 disc)

Hellsing Ultimate Part 2 (1 disc)
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  • Subtitle Rating Excellent
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  • Episodes 4-6
  • Subtitles ENGLISH
  • Languages JAPANESE//
  • Sir Integra reluctantly invites Maxwell from the Vatican’s Iscariot Division to a Roundtable conference with the Queen. Integra desperately needs to collect any information regarding the Millennium, the remnants of a secret Nazi battalion made entirely of "undead" monsters. Suddenly, the Millennium’s leader, the Major, audaciously interrupts the conference to declare war against Britain and the Hellsing Organization. Amidst the panicking Roundtable members, Arucard seems completely amused by the reunion with the Major, whom he thought he has destroyed more than half a century ago. He puts a bullet through the emissary’s forehead as he replies to the Major, "I can’t wait to destroy you again!" –A war of Nightmares is about to be unleashed into the unsuspecting London night…
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