After War Gundam X (2 discs)Zoom

After War Gundam X (2 discs)

After War Gundam X (2 discs)
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  • Discs 2
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  • Episodes 1-39
  • Subtitles English
  • Languages Japanese //
  • It is the year AW (After War) 0015. Fifteen years ago, the Earth Federation and the Space Revolutionary Army waged the cataclysmic Seventh Space War, in which the greater part of the human race was slain and Earth reduced to a ravaged wasteland. As a final, desperate gambit, the Space Revolutionary Army attached rocket engines to hundreds of space colonies and set them in motion towards the planet. The Federation's ultimate weapon, the Gundam X, tried and failed to stop the mass colony drop, and the war ended in chaos and catastrophe.In the aftermath of the war, both the warring governments collapsed and anarchy prevailed. In this chaotic world, warlords and feudal rulers fill the leadership void, and scavengers like the aptly-named "Vulture" group pick at the carcasses of the fallen. But unknown to the survivors of the great war, the leaders of both sides have merely gone into hiding to rebuild their forces and try again for world domination.The plans of both the resurgent forces hinge heavily on the paranormally-talented humans called "newtypes," but there is a third party attempting to gather these rarest of natural wonders. Jamil Neate - former pilot of the Gundam X and reknowned newtype warrior, now captain of the Vulture landship Freeden - has dedicated himself to finding and protecting those of his kind, and with the help of kid protege Garrod Ran and newtype waif Tiffa Adil, he's ready to take on the whole world in the process..
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